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I am currently finishing grade 12 at College St. Norbert Collegiate and upon graduation I will be attending the University of Regina in pursuit of a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management. I have been a part of Folklorama for 8 total years and in 2015 I had the great honour of representing the UK Pavilion as a youth ambassador. My family is mostly from Northern Ireland and Scotland specifically the Orkney Islands. As for work for JetsGear of the Winnipeg Jets and True North Sports and Entertainment Limited and this coming summer in June and July I will be working at Camp Manitou run by The True North Foundation also of True North Sports and Entertainment Limited.
Most of my family comes from Northern Ireland and Scotland. My Great Grandma Margaret Hunter came directly from the Orkney Islands and Great Grandpa Charles came directly from Edinburgh. My Great Grandpa Les came from England. My Great Grandpa Clarence and Great Great Grandpa moved from Northern Ireland.
My last name 'Hurley' is from the famous Irish sport of Hurling, also known as the fastest game on grass. Hurling has been played for over 3000 years. My families name relates to this because the stick they use is called Hurley. The number one rule of the sport is Be Brave.
Rowan Hurley
Youth Female Ambassador
Davlin Mozdzen
Adult Female Ambassador
On my maternal side I am a 4th generation British Home Child of Irish descent. My great-great grandmother came to Canada through Middlemore homes in the early 1900's at 4 years of age. My Scottish heritage dates further back to the founders of Canada. Both of my maternal grandfathers were of Scottish background (Hamilton, Matheson) and I can trace my heritage through the Hudson Bay archives to the Orkney Islands in Scotland.  I graduated from Sisler High School in 2010 with a certificate in French Immersion.  I have been working as a treatment team member at St. Amant Centre for 4 years now, and I enjoy helping people integrate into the community.  At presen,t  I am enrolled at Red River College taking Business Administration.  Growing up, I took piano lessons and I recently began learning how to play the fiddle. I enjoy live music and instrumental performances such live theatre and festivals.  I have an interest in UK pop cultural and I enjoy watching Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Mr. Bean, Sherlock and British Sitcoms.  My sister Danya has been involved with McConnell Irish dancing for 5 years now and I have volunteered and helped out at the pavilion.
Are you interested in volunteer at the UK Pavilion?
MacKinley Hall
Youth Male Ambassador
I am a 14 year old grade eight student currently at École River Heights school. I will be at Kelvin High school next year in grade 9. I enjoy playing sports such as basketball and ultimate Frisbee. My UK heritage comes from both sides of my family. My mom's side is Scottish, originating just outside of Oban, on a small farm and on a small island called the Isle of Lismore. On my dad's side, my family is from Belfast, Northern Ireland as well as Carrickfergus, a town just outside of Belfast. I stay in contact with both sides of my family. I became involved in Folklorama when I was 4 years old. I started off as a dancer for the Ireland-Irish pavilion. Then as the years past, my involvement with Folklorama grew. I volunteered at the United Kingdom pavilion in 2014 and 2015. My family has always been very involved in Folklorama and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to carry on the tradition. I am very excited to be given this opportunity to be able to represent my UK culture.
Alasdair Fergusson
Adult Male Ambassador
My family originates from the United Kingdom: on my mother`s side we are from Stirling (Scotland), Lergin (Northern Ireland), and Exeter (England). I became an ambassador because I want to do my best to promote Folklorama, the United Kingdom and multiculturalism. I have been involved in Folklorama for many years as both an ambassador and a performer. I have performed with the McConnell Dancers for the past 10 years and have travelled to Costa Rica and Bulgaria. I graduated from Westwood High School in 2010 and am currently working as a service person at Manitoba Hydro. I am an avid model ship builder, I love to watch movies, and I love to do anything mechanic.